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FigJam AI is the latest AI suite launched by online design collaboration platform Figma for its whiteboard tool FigJam.


FigJam AI is the latest AI suite launched by online design collaboration platform Figma for its whiteboard tool FigJam. It evolved from the previous Jambot plugin and can create out of the box templates for common design and planning projects, helping designers or teams collaborate to inspire and quickly brainstorm and visualize ideas.
Product features of FigJam AI
Instant template generation. Simply enter simple prompts to generate templates for weekly team synchronization, brainstorming, and review, or use visual timelines and organizational charts for planning
Built in pre built prompts. FigJam AI has pre installed out of the box prompt use cases such as brainstorming, flowcharts, organizational charts, Gantt charts, and weekly team synchronization, inspiring team collaboration
Sort and organize whiteboard notes. Quickly group the notes posted on the whiteboard, saving time on manual organization and spending more time exploring ideas
Summary of key points and summaries. Click the mouse to summarize the content of the online note, clearly presenting the key points and subsequent steps, and supporting quick links to share the summary with others
Introduce ChatGPT. With the powerful features of OpenAI ChatGPT, FigJam AI can brainstorm, propose solutions, and even directly generate code for designs
How to use FigJam AI
Visit the official website of FigJam AI and click on Try it out
Log in or register your Figma account, and once successfully logged in, it will automatically redirect to the workbench interface
Enter prompt words, then click the Generate button to automatically generate a template or icon
Common questions about FigJam AI
Is FigJam AI free?
FigJam AI is currently in beta public testing and can be used for free by all users. Whether there will be any charges in the future remains to be explained by the official.
What big model is FigJam AI based on?
Dylan Field, the founder of Figma, stated in an interview that the current FigJam AI beta uses the OpenAI base model and can be easily replaced with other base AI models.
What is the difference between FigJam AI and Jambot?
Jambot is a beta version of the ChatGPT based FigJam plugin launched by the company in August, while FigJam AI was launched on November 7th as part of FigJam’s own functionality, making it more comprehensive and powerful.

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