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Wonderful Writing is an AI writing assistant launched by Go Out and Ask


Wonderful Writing is an AI writing assistant launched by Go Out and Ask, which can help users quickly create intelligent content for marketing, workplace work, new media, creative writing, and other types. The flexible and concise editing mode of Wonderful Writing supports eight AI writing functions: continuation, rewriting, expansion, abbreviation, extracting key points, style conversion, error correction, and translation. Users can awaken AI with just one click during the writing process to help them create, and can also automatically generate images during writing, truly achieving a combination of text and images, and a surge of literary ideas.
The Main Functions of Wonderful Writing
AI content editing: supports AI continuation, rewriting, style conversion, text translation, error correction and other abilities, making creation more convenient
Language Understanding and Generation: Understanding and analyzing input text and its emotional colors, generating natural language texts based on context and relevant knowledge
Dialogue interaction: equipped with data security protection, emergency response, and permission management mechanisms, able to quickly respond to problems and take preventive measures
Support for multiple languages: Process multilingual text input and generate corresponding outputs, including but not limited to Chinese, English, German, French, Japanese, and other languages
The Product Price of Wonderful Writing
Subscription based on membership system: Monthly membership fee of 68 yuan (discount price of 40.8 yuan), semi annual membership fee of 408 yuan (discount price of 204 yuan), annual membership fee of 816 yuan (discount price of 326.4 yuan), and monthly use of 150000 words of AI writing
After becoming a member, if the word count is consumed, you can purchase a word count supply package at prices of 29 yuan for 50000 words, 89 yuan for 300000 words, and 199 yuan for 1 million words
Frequently asked questions
What big model is the wonderful article based on?
The wonderful article is based on the “Sequence Monkey” big model launched by an artificial intelligence company and has been registered through the “Interim Measures for the Management of Generative Artificial Intelligence Services”.
Is Wonderful Writing Free?
Fantastic article provides a free trial version membership. After expiration, you need to open a membership to continue using AI creation.
Does Wonderful Text support content export?
Wonderful article supports exporting and downloading AI created content in Word format, making it convenient for secondary editing.

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