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Dreamina is an AI image creation and painting tool launched by ByteDance Tiktok's Scissor Image. It is designed to help Tiktok's image and text creators and short vide...


What is Dreamina
Dreamina is an AI image creation and painting tool launched by ByteDance Tiktok’s Scissor Image. It is designed to help Tiktok’s image and text creators and short video creators create content. Users can quickly convert ideas and ideas into images by entering a prompt description. This tool is a multi style AI painting tool that can generate images of different styles such as anime, realism, photography, and illustration. Currently in free testing, interested AI enthusiasts can visit and give it a try.
The main functions of Dreamina
Simple and user-friendly text generation image: Enter the text description of the image to generate the corresponding scene image
Image parameter setting adjustment: supports adjusting model selection, image size ratio, image precision, etc
Rich prompt templates for creating the same style: provide prompt word templates for photography, realism, illustration, design, etc., and generate images of the same style with just one click
Image to Ultra Clear: Supports converting generated low resolution blurry images into 4K and 8K resolution ultra clear images
Partial redraw: Provides a brush and eraser to partially redraw the generated image
Image enlargement: The generated image can be expanded in size, supporting changes in scale and enlargement by 1.5-3x
How to use Dreamina
Visit Dreamina’s official website (www.capcut. cn/ai tool/) and click on the login button
Log in with your Tiktok account. After successful login, you will jump to the creation interface
Enter a prompt description in the input box at the bottom or use the default text description provided by Dreamina
Click on Generate Now, wait a moment, Dreamina will return to the generated image
Frequently asked questions
Is Dreamina free?
Dreamina is currently in free beta testing, and users can use the tool to generate AI images for free.
What big model is Dreamina based on?
Dreamina developed a multimodal large model “lark large model” based on ByteDance.
How many images can Dreamina generate at a time?
Dreamina can generate 4 images at a time.

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