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Stable Audio is the latest AI music generation tool launched by Stability AI


Stable Audio is the latest AI music generation tool launched by Stability AI (the company behind Stable Diffusion), allowing users to generate original music and sound effects using AI technology through a simple web interface. Users only need to input text to describe the desired music and sound effects (prompts can include details such as genre, instrument, emotion, beat count, etc.), and audio can be automatically generated. The design of the website, the combination of colors and geometric shapes, provides a comfortable user experience.
How to use Stable Audio
Visit StableAudio’s official website at to play the provided sample music, or click Try it out to start generating it
Then register/log in to your account (you can use email or Google account to log in), and after successful login, you will be redirected to the generation interface in the background
Enter prompt language and description in the text prompt input box, and you can also adjust the length of the generated music in the duration field
Finally, click on the circular black arrow button to generate music. After the music is generated, you can play and download it on the right side
The price of Stable Audio
Stable Audio offers a free and paid subscription program, both supporting text prompts describing music genres, instruments, emotions, rhythms, and other parameters.
The free version allows users to generate 20 45 second audio per month
The paid version of Pro costs $11.99 per month. Can generate 500 higher quality audio of no more than 90 seconds per month for commercial use
License for music generated by Stable Audio
Free users can use audio generated through Stable Audio as samples in their own music works (i.e. music tracks), which cannot be used commercially
Paid users can use commercial media projects such as videos, games, podcasts, etc., including internal projects and external customer projects
Not allowed to train AI models on generated audio

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