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Solo (Solo AI Website Composer) is an innovative project launched by Mozilla


Solo (Solo AI Website Composer) is an innovative project launched by Mozilla, the parent company of Firefox, aimed at creating artificial intelligence websites for individual entrepreneurs and freelancers. With the ability of AI, users can create visually appealing web pages and websites without the need for programming experience and code knowledge. They can input text prompts, visually add content blocks, images, layouts, and themes.
The main functions of Solo
Creating a website without code: Quickly generate web pages with simple input
Search engine optimization: Intelligent suggestion website SEO Meta keywords, descriptions, etc
Responsive design: Automatically perform responsive web page design on both desktop and mobile devices
Comment import: Retrieve post text and comments from social media and display the best content
Company Name Generator: Describing a company’s main business can generate a company name
Entrepreneurial Idea Generator: Randomly generate entrepreneurial ideas for different industries to inspire you
How to use Solo to create a website
Visit Solo’s official website (soloist. ai) and click on Build Your Website to start creating a website
Fill in preliminary information, such as business introduction, company name, business location, etc
Go to the next step to select website font style –>select website color theme
Select the website content section to be added, such as header, service introduction, banner, contact box, bottom, etc
Then click on Compose your site and wait for Mozilla to automatically generate the webpage. Wait for a moment to complete the generation
The generated website can be freely modified or published by clicking on the Publish button in the upper right corner
The AI toolset was tested using this tool, and the generated webpage is relatively simple and atmospheric. If you need to quickly launch a website landing page, it is a good choice. However, compared to the previously introduced Framer AI website building tool, the effect is slightly inferior.
Frequently asked questions
Is Solo free?
Solo is currently in a free public beta, and all users can use it for free. A paid version may be released in the future.
Does Solo support custom domain names?
Solo currently does not support adding custom domain names in the initial version, and this feature will be added in the future.
Can the webpage code generated by Solo be exported?
The webpage created by Solo does not support exporting code.

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