How to use GPT-4 for free? Six ways to not open a membership

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GPT-4 is the latest version of OpenAI’s GPT large language model, known for its multimodal capabilities, including text and code understanding and image generation. The official version of GPT-4 is currently only accessible through a paid subscription to ChatGPT Plus, which costs $20 per month and is difficult to pay for from certain countries. Therefore, this article will introduce 6 simple alternatives that allow you to use GPT-4 for free.

Table of Contents:

Method 1: Microsoft’s New Bing
Method 2: Forefront
Method 3: Perplexity AI
Method 4: Poe
Method 5: Merlin
Method 6:

  1. Microsoft’s New Bing
    The new Bing is a conversational AI search engine from Microsoft that incorporates GPT-4. Users can log in with their Microsoft account and use Bing Chat to experience GPT-4’s chat capabilities for free. Bing Chat also includes DALL-E 2’s text-to-image generation capabilities, allowing users to generate images directly within the chat context.

Official website:

  1. Forefront
    Forefront is a free AI chatbot powered by the GPT-4 model, offering an enhanced ChatGPT experience. Users can switch between dialogue models such as GPT-4, GPT-3.5, and Claude. After registration, users can access GPT-4, image generation, custom character roles, and shareable chats for free. Forefront’s free version offers 5 free GPT-4 conversations every 3 hours, and users can have a total of 40 free GPT-4 conversations per day.

Official website:

  1. Perplexity AI
    Perplexity AI is a popular AI search engine founded by Jeff Dean, the former head of Google AI, Yann LeCun, winner of the Turing Award, and the former CEO of GitHub. Its latest Copilot feature is powered by GPT-4, and users can use GPT-4 powered AI search and Q&A for free up to 5 times per day. In addition to the online web version, Perplexity AI also offers a Chrome browser extension and iOS and Android apps.

Official website:

  1. Poe
    Poe is an AI chatbot launched by Quora, a well-known Q&A platform, that can answer user questions and engage in continuous back-and-forth conversations. The chatbot is powered by ChatGPT, GPT-4, Claude, and other models. Poe provides users with 1 free GPT-4 query per day, which may seem limited, but the combination of chatbots is still convenient for daily use. Additionally, Poe offers desktop clients for Mac, iOS, and Android, effectively increasing the number of free conversations available.

Official website:

  1. Merlin
    Merlin is a GPT-powered AI assistant browser extension that can be used for free on Chrome, Edge, or other Chromium-based browsers. Users can chat with the Merlin bot while browsing any webpage, allowing them to gather information from the internet without leaving the page. Merlin provides users with 51 free query credits per day. Using the GPT-4 model costs 10 credits per chat, meaning users can have 5 free GPT-4 conversations per day.

Official website:

  1. is an online platform that allows users to create custom chatbots for free, which can then be shared with friends or others. has launched a chatbot powered by GPT-4, allowing users to try out the GPT-4 model for free. Due to the surge in website traffic, currently offers 1 free GPT-4 conversation per day.

Official website:

The above are 6 stable and reliable methods to use GPT-4 for free. By combining these solutions, users can have dozens of free GPT-4 conversations per day, which is generally sufficient for daily use.

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