AI News: July 2nd Issue (AI Industry News from July 11th to July 20th)

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July 20th
According to Bloomberg, Apple has developed an internal artificial intelligence robot called ChatGPT, similar to OpenAI. Some engineers refer to the project as Apple GPT, based on their self-developed “Ajax” large-scale language model framework. (News source: Bloomberg)
According to official news from OpenAI, OpenAI will relax the usage restrictions for ChatGPT Plus users, allowing them to have more conversations with ChatGPT. Starting from next week, ChatGPT Plus users can have 50 rounds of conversations with GPT-4 every 3 hours. (News source: Pinwan)
Google is testing a product that uses AI technology to produce news reports and promoting it to news organizations such as The New York Times, The Washington Post, and The Wall Street Journal’s parent company, News Corporation. The tool is tentatively named Genesis internally and can receive information (such as detailed information on current events) and generate news copy. (News source: The New York Times)
Microsoft recently announced a partnership with Maybelline to introduce the virtual makeup feature Maybelline Beauty in Microsoft Teams. Maybelline has now introduced 12 different makeup options in Teams for users to choose from. (News source: The Verge)
According to a report from “Tech Planet”, Tencent Music’s AI robot chat app called “Unaccompanied” has recently started testing. Uncompanion is an AI chat product that integrates multiple functions such as AI companion chat and AI companion photos. Users can “choose an AI companion that has already been pre made in the app, or create an AI companion according to their own requirements.”. (News source: IT Home)
LaGou Recruitment announced the launch of the AI intelligent recruitment assistant product “HRMind”, which is the first recruitment scenario product in the recruitment industry to achieve widespread application based on pre trained large models. (News source: Geek website)
SAP, a well-known enterprise management software company, recently announced its investment in three popular generative artificial intelligence companies: Aerospace, Cohere, and Aleph Alpha, as part of its Sapphire Ventures commitment to invest over $1 billion in artificial intelligence. (News source: SAP News Center)
The language learning platform Preply announced that it has raised $70 million to expand its Series C financing to $120 million. The company is planning to use this funding to double the development of artificial intelligence, especially to use the technology to “expand” artificial intelligence teaching. (News source: GlobeNewsWire)
The startup Unstructured announced that it has raised $25 million through Series A financing and previously undisclosed seed round financing. The company provides a series of tools to help clean up, transform, and temporarily store enterprise data to connect to Big Language Models (LLMs). (News source: TechCrunch)
The startup FedML announced that it has raised $11.5 million in seed funding, valued at $56.5 million, led by Camford Capital with participation from Road Capital and Reality Capital. The company provides MLOps tools and decentralized AI computing networks. (News source: TechCrunch)
July 19th
Microsoft has officially announced the launch of Bing Chat Enterprise and Microsoft 365 Copilot pricing. Bing Chat Enterprise can provide AI chat functionality and business data protection for enterprises, and a preview version will be launched today. For Microsoft 365 E3, E5, Business Standard, and Business Premium customers, Microsoft 365 Copilot is priced at $30 per user per month. (News source: Microsoft official blog)
Microsoft Bing Chat has launched Visual Search, which allows users to upload images or take photos, and then have the tool scan the photos. Bing Chat can explain the content of the images and answer related questions. (News source: Windows Central)
At the Microsoft Inspire conference, Meta and Microsoft announced further collaboration to support the LLaMA 2 Language Model (LLM) series on Azure and Windows. LLaMA 2 aims to help developers and organizations build generative artificial intelligence tools and experiences. (News source: Microsoft official blog)
In addition, Microsoft also released a series of important announcements at this year’s Inspire conference, including adding more features to Microsoft Sales Copilot in Dynamics 365 Sales, enabling Power Automation process mining AI features, expanding access to Azure OpenAI services, new Azure features and investments, expanding strategic cooperation with Epic, and launching a new Microsoft Artificial Intelligence Cloud Partner Program. (News source: Microsoft official blog)
OpenAI has made significant investments in the local news industry by establishing new partnerships with the American News Project (AJP). The company announced today that it will provide AJP with $5 million in funding and up to $5 million in API points to support the non-profit organization’s efforts to rebuild local news in the United States. (News source: Genetic)
Cohere and McKinsey announced a partnership to jointly provide secure, enterprise level generative artificial intelligence solutions tailored to McKinsey’s customer needs, including cloud and local artificial intelligence software for protecting customer data. (News source: VentureBeat)
Yuewen Group has released the “Yuewen Wonderful Pen Big Model”, which serves the creators of Yuewen and assists writers in their creations, including assisting in character design, worldview, and power system construction. (News source: Caixin News Agency)
July 18th
The General Office of the Shanghai Municipal People’s Government has issued several opinions on promoting the high-quality development of productive internet service platforms in this city. It is proposed to accelerate the integration and application of new technologies, with a focus on supporting innovative entities in developing large models with international competitiveness. (News source: Caixin News Agency)
Wix, a codeless website construction platform, announced the launch of the AI Site Generator tool to help users input text descriptions to intelligently generate a website that includes a homepage, details page, text, and images. (News source: Genetic)
Emad Mostaque, CEO of Stability AI, said on the conference call with UBS analysts that AI is an investment opportunity worth $1 trillion, but it will also be the “largest foam ever”. (News source: IT Home)
Mockplus, an online prototype design collaboration platform, has recently launched “Little Mockplus AI”, which can intelligently generate prototype design, interface text, content translation, automatic filling of text and images, and other content. It has now started internal testing. (News source: Moke Design Cloud)
The first commercial launch event in the field of Pangu large model mining was held in Jinan, Shandong. At the meeting, Shandong Energy Group, Huawei, and Yunding Technology jointly released the world’s first commercial AI model for the energy industry – the Pangu Mining Model. (News source: 36 Kr)
According to the official Windows blog, the preview version of Windows Copilot is now open to all Windows Insiders in the development channel. (News source: Pinwan)
Renowned director Christopher Nolan expressed a cautious attitude towards artificial intelligence after the special screening of his latest directed film “Oppenheimer” and compared this rapidly developing technology with his new film about the creation of atomic bombs. (News source: The Verge)
Thousands of writers, including Nora Roberts, Margaret Atwood, Nguyen Ching Yue, and Michael Shabang, have signed a joint letter demanding that artificial intelligence companies such as OpenAI and Meta stop using their works without permission or compensation. (News source: NPR)
July 17th
Baidu Netdisk recently announced the launch of an advanced image search function based on AI. It is said that it can use “nouns with adjectives” for more accurate searches, and can also find the desired images through “place names”, “object names”, and “text contained in images”. (Read full text: IT Home)
Ctrip Group has released its first vertical model for the tourism industry, “Ctrip Quest”. On the basis of the big model, Ctrip Quest screened high-quality unstructured tourism data worth 20 billion yuan and trained a self-developed vertical model using Ctrip’s existing accurate real-time data. (News source: 36 Kr)
NetEase Cloud Music has launched a “private DJ” function for internal testing, and will launch the first AI recommended music assistant. This feature is based on an innovative upgrade of song recommendation algorithms, achieving intelligent explanation services for recommended songs. (News source: 36 Kr)
The United Nations Security Council will officially discuss AI risk issues in New York on Tuesday, marking the first time the agency has held a similar meeting. (News source: Sina Technology)
Recently, Zhangqu Technology announced a strategic partnership with Traveler AI to jointly promote the innovative application of AIGC technology in the gaming industry. (News source:
Recently, Yunshuo IoT, a company in the field of process intelligence, completed a Series A financing of tens of millions of yuan, with Qifu Capital as the leading investor and old shareholders joining in to increase investment. This round of financing will mainly be used for various market side investments such as partner system construction, as well as further strengthening technological barriers. (News source: 36 Kr)
July 15th
Musk stated at the xAI discussion on Twitter Space that the newly established artificial intelligence company xAI will use public tweets from Twitter for training. In addition, xAI will also collaborate with Tesla in various aspects such as developing artificial intelligence software. (News source: Interface News)
According to Zhipu AI and Tsinghua KEG Laboratory, the weights of ChatGLM-6B and ChatGLM2-6B will be fully open for academic research from now on, and free commercial use will be allowed after completing enterprise registration and obtaining authorization. (News source: GLM Big Model)
Meta recently released the multimodal language model CM3lion, a retrieval enhanced, tag based, decoder only multimodal language model that can generate and fill text and images. (News source: Genetic)
Kenyan outsourcing employees who helped review and remove harmful content from ChatGPT have submitted a petition to the legislative body calling for an investigation into large-scale technology outsourcing content review and artificial intelligence work in Kenya. (News source: TechCrunch)
July 14th
Stability AI has announced the launch of Stable Doodle, which can transform simple hand drawn sketches into exquisite images, transforming you from a soul painter to an art master. At present, users can use this tool for free through the ClipDrop website under Stability AI. (News source: Stability AI Blog)
OpenAI has reached a deal with The Associated Press to train its artificial intelligence model using news coverage from The Associated Press over the next two years and access some content from The Associated Press archives as early as 1985, while The Associated Press will have priority access to OpenAI’s technology and product experience. (News source: The Verge)
Shopify, an e-commerce platform, recently announced that it will soon launch an AI assistant called “Sidekick” for merchants on its platform. According to a video posted by its CEO on Twitter, Sidekick will be embedded as a button in Shopify to answer merchant inquiries, including detailed information about sales trends. (News source: BetaKit)
Prashanth Chandrasekar, CEO of the programmer Q&A platform Stack Overflow, stated in a recent interview with VentureBeat that the company is investing 10% of its employees in developing its AI tool, which is expected to be released later this summer. (News source: VentureBeat)
Recently, well-known venture capital firm a16z (Andreessen Horowitz) released an open-source tutorial and technology stack on GitHub to help individuals create and host their AI chatbots/partners through a browser or by sending text messages. The technologies used in the project are mostly from a16z invested companies, such as Clerk login authorization, Pinecone vector database, and deployment. Interested friends can learn more. (Project address: GitHub)
Recently, the “Zhaoyan” big model press conference of Shanghai Jiao Tong University Chongqing Artificial Intelligence Research Institute was held at the Western (Chongqing) Science City. At the conference, Chongqing’s first independently developed big language model – “Zhaoyan” was released, which can provide accurate and professional text output for users in academic research, business analysis, life consulting, and other fields. (News source: First Financial)
Huawei has released a new AI storage product in the era of big models, OceanStor A310, which integrates deep learning data lake storage with FusionCube A3000 training/pushing, supporting basic model training, industry model training, and segmentation scene model training inference. (News source: Securities Times · e Company)
Giant Network and Alibaba Cloud announced a comprehensive cooperation on “gaming+AI”, and the two sides officially signed a memorandum of cooperation in Shanghai to jointly build a “gaming+AI” intelligent computing platform. (News source: 36 Kr)
Xinye Technology has launched the first generation LLM (Large Language Model) application development framework E-LADF. E-LADF is based on basic components such as ChatGPT like large model engines and vector databases, aiming to provide a series of functional interfaces to help developers build and deploy LLM based applications. (News source: Xinya Technology)
Cyrus Hodges, one of the co founders of Stability AI, has filed a lawsuit alleging that his 15% stake in the company was sold to him for $100 by the CEO of Stability AI, Emad Mostaque, and that these shares may be worth billions of dollars. (News source: Semafor)
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