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XChat is an artificial intelligence chat assistant based on the XVERSE universal big model launched by MetaElephant Technology.


XChat is an artificial intelligence chat assistant based on the XVERSE universal big model launched by MetaElephant Technology. It integrates intention understanding, information retrieval, and reinforcement learning technologies, combined with supervised fine-tuning and human intention alignment. It performs outstandingly in the fields of knowledge question answering and text creation, helping users answer questions, provide information, and perform various tasks.
The main functions of Yuanxiang XChat
Text creation: Generate coherent and relevant text content based on given prompts or instructions, covering the range from writing short notes to lengthy articles
Multilingual translation: supports mutual translation between multiple languages, common languages include: Chinese, English, Spanish, French, etc
Knowledge Q&A: covering from daily common sense to professional knowledge, capable of answering general knowledge questions or conducting in-depth discussions on specific topics
Programming assistance: Provide code examples, code explanations, algorithm explanations, programming concept explanations, API documentation, and other programming assistance
Life assistant: can provide health advice, book audiovisual entertainment recommendations, tourism planning, cultural customs explanations, and other life and entertainment advice and information
Application scenarios of Meta Elephant XChat
Advertising and marketing: media/publishing/content creation, utilizing the text creation ability of models to automatically generate rich and diverse marketing ideas
Daily office: meetings/weekly and monthly reports/office kits, suitable for diverse scenarios such as document summarization, generation, plugin adaptation, etc
Intelligent customer service: Q&A/intelligent dialogue, customized Q&A based on industry and scenario, intelligent and efficient
Programming assistance: code generation/data analysis/webpage construction, assisting users in code writing and problem discovery during the programming process, etc
Virtual Characters: Games/Entertainment/Live Streaming, Customized Design of Characters, Adapted to Role Playing in Different Scenarios
Education and Research: Learning Companion/Research Assistant, Exploring Multiple Directions from Learning and Work Assistant to Research Discovery
Frequently asked questions
What big model is MetaElephant XChat based on?
Yuanxiang XChat is based on Yuanxiang Technology’s self-developed XVERSE-65B large model, which has 65 billion parameters and supports a context length of 16K.
Is Yuanxiang XChat free?
Yuanxiang XChat is currently in free public beta testing, and users can access its official website to apply for free use.
Is the Meta Xiang XVERSE big model open source?
Yuanxiang Technology has currently opened up three different parameter quantities of its Yuanxiang XVERSE large models, namely XVERSE-7B, XVERSE-13B, and XVERSE-65B.
Has the Yuan Xiang XVERSE model been approved for filing?
The metamodel has been registered through the Interim Measures for the Management of Generative Artificial Intelligence Services and will gradually open its services to the public.

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