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Realibox Gravity Wave is a one-stop online 3D design and collaboration platform that provides one-stop 3D modeling


Realibox Gravity Wave is a one-stop online 3D design and collaboration platform that provides one-stop 3D modeling, 3D rendering, simultaneous editing of design works by multiple people, real-time online review, massive design template materials, and one click design delivery. Realibox has recently launched an AI creation feature that integrates generative AI with product design, including white mold generation rendering, sketch generation rendering, and text generation material mapping. Realibox AI helps you quickly propose and reshape product design productivity with AI.
The main functions of Realibox AI
Sketch generation rendering. Simply draw a sketch by hand and upload it to Realibox AI to generate multiple rendering schemes (supporting multiple styles such as minimalism, natural biomimetics, IKEA, abstract art, etc.)
Generate a rendering of the model. Import an unrendered white model with a simple text description to generate a beautiful rendering scheme
Text generation material texture. With a simple textual description, you can generate material textures suitable for multiple channels (providing various materials such as fiber, silk, nylon, linen, flanges, etc.) without the need to search for textures everywhere
How to use Realibox AI
Visit the official website of Realibox, click on the AI creation menu, and then click the experience now button
Scan the QR code, log in/register your account, and once successfully logged in, you will automatically enter the Realbox AI creation workbench interface
Upload or import your sketch/model, or click on the built-in case for a quick experience
Customize and adjust the subject name, color, material, background, style, details, and other parameters on the left side, or use default parameters. Click the generate button and wait for about 10 seconds to produce the image
The product price of Realibox AI
The feature of Realibox AI creation is currently in public beta testing and does not require payment. After logging in and registering, users can freely use AI to render images for free.

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