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Mo Dao AI is the latest AI product prototype design assistant launched by the well-known domestic product design collaboration platform 'Mo Dao'.


Mo Dao AI is the latest AI product prototype design assistant launched by the well-known domestic product design collaboration platform “Mo Dao”. It helps product designers efficiently realize and implement their creativity, stimulating unlimited creativity. The launch of the Ink Knife AI feature has greatly improved the efficiency of product design. Basic tools or inspiration can be handed over to AI, allowing product designers to focus more on business logic and user experience.
The main functions of Ink Knife AI
AI generates prototype pages. Fearless of drying up inspiration, bid farewell to manual drawing. With just one command, Ink Knife AI can “intelligently create” multiple prototype design solutions for you;
AI generates prototype basic components. Quickly generate components such as charts and tables in 10 seconds. Process diagrams and mind maps are easy to handle. Clear presentation of ideas, professionalism beyond imagination;
The AI assistant has continuous conversations. Ink knife AI can quickly understand requirements and answer questions accurately and clearly. Plan polishing and optimization, as well as page layout suggestions, are the best assistants for unleashing your creative energy, making your prototype design faster and better;
AI text intelligent filling. Is manual input too tiring? One click AI creation, automatically filling in text based on semantics, giving back time to oneself, making creativity no longer limited;
How to use Ink Knife AI
The Ink Knife AI has been launched in V8 and is also very easy to use.
After entering the official website of Mo Dao, click on the login/registration button in the upper right corner
In the upper right corner of the workspace in the personal space, click the blue new button, and then select the prototype
Select the prototype template you want to design in the pop-up window, and then click the OK button
On the last item of the leftmost toolbar, click on the AI icon to call up the Ink Knife AI Assistant
Choose the function you want (Ink Knife has built-in buttons for generating prototype pages, flowcharts, mind maps, tables, charts, etc.), and you can also input text to have conversations with AI
The product price of Ink Knife AI
After logging in/registering for the Ink Knife, individual users can receive a free 2000 points for using the Ink Knife AI Assistant. The points consumed for different functions vary.
AI Assistant: Approximately 100 points per thousand words, subject to actual consumption points
Generate prototype page: Approximately 400 points/page, subject to actual consumption points
Generate prototype components: approximately 100-200 points per component, based on actual consumption points
If all the points have been consumed, you can choose to pay to recharge the points, and the price is as follows:
9.9 yuan and 10000 points
39 yuan and 50000 points
69 yuan and 100000 points
99 yuan and 150000 points

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