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IFlytek Zhiwen is an artificial intelligence PPT generation tool launched by iFlytek based on the Spark Cognitive Model.


What is iFlytek Zhiwen?
IFlytek Zhiwen is an artificial intelligence PPT generation tool launched by iFlytek based on the Spark Cognitive Model. It can generate a PPT with just one click by entering a sentence or adding a presentation. Whether it’s the year-end work summary PPT, new product launch PPT, probationary period defense PPT, rank evaluation PPT, or school homework or thesis defense PPT, or teaching courseware PPT for various subjects, iFlytek Smart Text can quickly and efficiently generate concise and beautifully designed PPTs.
The main functions of iFlytek Zhiwen
Theme creation mode: One sentence theme input, quickly turning your ideas into PPT documents, AI rewriting according to needs, and improving document content
Text creation mode: Add a paragraph or article, AI helps you summarize, split, extract, and ultimately generate highly relevant PPT documents
PPT copywriting optimization: Equipped with SPARK AI assistant, it can polish, expand, translate, abbreviate, split, summarize, refine, correct errors, rewrite, and more for copywriting
Speech note function: It can generate note content in seconds, helping you organize the speech content clearly and avoiding stuttering during PPT presentations
Built in multiple templates: Innovative template and icon function design, can switch themes and templates for PPT with just one click, making your creations more outstanding and efficient
How to use iFlytek Smart Text
Visit the official website of iFlytek Zhiwen (zhiwen. xfyun. cn), click on the immediate AI generation button or the login/registration button in the upper right corner
Log in or register your iFlytek account, answer a few questions after successful login to start using it
In the backend interface, click the AI creation button and select the theme creation or text creation mode
Enter the theme or text to generate an outline, select the desired template and color scheme
Then iFlytek Zhiwen will intelligently analyze the outline and generate PPT content
Product prices of iFlytek Zhiwen
Xunfei Zhiwen is currently available for free and has not yet launched a paid subscription version. New users can earn 1000 points for AI document generation after registering. Each time they use AI to generate a document, it costs 50 points. Invite friends to register Xunfei Zhiwen, and both parties can earn an additional 300 points.
Frequently asked questions
What big model is iFlytek Zhiwen based on?
The AI capability of iFlytek Intelligence is based on iFlytek’s self-developed big language model, the iFlytek Spark Cognitive Big Model.
Can the PPT generated by iFlytek Smart Text be exported?
IFlytek Smart Text supports exporting generated PPTs in. pptx format, which can be opened and edited in software such as Microsoft Office PowerPoint.
How many words does iFlytek Smart Text support for long text input?
At present, iFlytek Smart Text supports up to 8000 words of long text input at once.

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