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Craft AI Assistant is an AI document assistant launched by Craft


Craft AI Assistant is an AI document assistant launched by Craft, a high-quality document and note taking tool that can stimulate user creativity, quickly optimize and generate content, and improve creative efficiency. Any user can use their creativity to write, generate ideas, proofread works, translate texts into any language, and summarize documents.
The main functions of Craft AI Assistant
Create better and faster, generate content in just a few seconds, enter prompts to generate press releases, article outlines, emails, product descriptions, etc
Summarize and extract key points from documents, quickly generate short summaries of long documents, extract key points from notes, or rewrite complex reports in simple language
Modify, rewrite, and translate documents, one click repair of article spelling and grammar, rewrite content in any style, or translate into any target language
Instant answer, ask the AI assistant, Craft will immediately search for relevant information and provide you with answers
How to use Craft AI Assistant
Visit Craft’s official website and click on the Try Craft Free button in the upper right corner to register for free
After successful login, it will automatically redirect to the Craft document space. Click on New Document to create a new document or select a template that interests you to start
Enter a slash/in the editing area to call up Craft AI Assistant, then enter the prompt or select a preset command
Product prices for Craft AI Assistant
Craft AI Assistant is available for free use by all users, and different subscription plans have the following restrictions:
Beginner free version: 50 requests every 30 days
Personal Professional Edition: 250 requests every 30 days
Business plan version: 1000 requests every 30 days

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