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ProcessOn is a professional tool for creating online flowcharts and mind maps


ProcessOn is a professional tool for creating online flowcharts and mind maps. In March of this year, ProcessOn partnered with iFlytek’s Spark Cognitive Model to become the first platform in China to release AIGC+flowcharts. With the help of AI, it can input themes and quickly generate flowcharts and mind maps, reducing creative costs and improving quality and efficiency. Whether it’s organizing flowcharts, activity plans, work plans, knowledge summaries, study lists, reading notes, brainstorming, travel guides, or life reminders, ProcessOn’s AI creative assistant can handle them, making the creation of flowcharts and mind maps more convenient.
The AI function of ProcessOn
One click creation flowchart: With just one click, enter the keywords of the theme, and the flowchart around the theme will jump onto the paper. The content is concise and clear, the logic is intuitive and rigorous, the drawing process is simplified, the creation threshold is lowered, the creation speed is improved, the creation mode is innovated, and the objectivity and universality of the content are ensured as much as possible.
One click creation mind map: Enter the theme keywords, just one click, and complete the concise and concise mind map content outline in 3 seconds, such as brain computer interaction, breaking through inspiration boundaries, obtaining high-quality answers, and enjoying the ultimate experience.
Create more graphics with just one click: Enter the theme, select the type of graphics you want to generate, including time series diagrams, organizational diagrams, and class diagrams, and use AI to create graphic content with just one click.
Seamless integration with iFlytek Spark: supports directly calling ProcessOn for flowchart drawing in the chat window of iFlytek Spark cognitive model, further liberating productivity and unleashing imagination.
How to use the AI function of ProcessOn
Visit the official website of ProcessOn (processon. com) and click on [Free Use]
Log in/register an account, and once successfully logged in, it will automatically redirect to the backend interface. Taking the AI generation process diagram as an example
Click New, select the flowchart, and then click the AI button on the right side of the toolbar
Choose one of the five types of graphics you want to generate: flowchart, timing diagram, organizational structure diagram, timeline, and class diagram
Enter the content you want to draw in the question box, click on [AI Creation], and wait for the content to be generated
Frequently asked questions
Is the AI feature of ProcessOn free?
Currently, ProcessOn’s AI creation capability is available for free to all users for a limited period of time.
What big model is the AI feature of ProcessOn based on?
The AI generation capability of ProcessOn is based on iFlytek’s Starfire Cognitive Model.
What systems are supported by the AI functionality of ProcessOn?
The AI function of ProcessOn supports use on web pages and WeChat mini programs, and mobile apps will soon support it.

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