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Tongyi Tingwu is an intelligent AI conference transcription and summary tool launched by Alibaba


Tongyi Tingwu is an intelligent AI conference transcription and summary tool launched by Alibaba. It supports real-time bilingual subtitle translation, one click highlighting of key points, intelligent summarization, and efficient recording, organization, and sharing of audio and video content. Multiple subtitle formats can be switched freely, automatically distinguishing speakers, summarizing keywords, agenda, abstract, to-do list, and questions. Supports one click export and public sharing.
Rich scenes that can be heard and understood——
Online meetings: Clearly record communication details, intelligently summarize to-do lists and agendas, and transmit conference information without loss
Interview interview: Automatically record conversation content, intelligently summarize Q&A and summaries, efficiently and easily summarize and organize
Course learning: Complete bilingual course recording, automatic extraction of key points, Q&A, and review of knowledge points at any time
Video browsing: Real time bilingual translation subtitles, English videos to watch as you please, more efficient information acquisition
June 1st to June 30th, 2023 is the public beta period for Tongyi Tingwu. During the public beta period, all advanced AI capabilities, including full text summary, chapter overview, and speech summary, will be available for users to experience immediately without the need for application or queuing. At the same time, the official website also provides a variety of rights and benefits activities, allowing users to obtain more usage time.

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