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Spark Content Operations Master (also known as 'TurboDesk') is a free AI intelligent writing platform launched by iFLYTEK


What is the content operation master of Spark?
Spark Content Operations Master (also known as “TurboDesk”) is a free AI intelligent writing platform launched by iFLYTEK, specifically designed for content operators. Based on iFLYTEK’s Spark Cognitive Big Model, Spark Content Operations Master supports popular topic recommendations, massive topic generation, one click article generation, one click layout, AI generation of images, and other functions. It can combine hot topics, festivals, articles, and image materials, One click generation of operational articles helps you unleash creativity and make content creation easier.
Starfire Content Operations Master is committed to creating a human-machine collaborative operation workbench for content operators, assisting in the repetitive work of information collection, organization, and operation during the content operation process, enabling operations to focus on efficiency and unleash creativity.
The main functions of Starfire content operation masters
AI topic recommendation: AI intelligent generation of titles, keeping up with hot topics, and stimulating creative inspiration
AI article creation: Input subject, AI one click writing, and also support imitation generation and style selection generation
AI review and proofreading: Provides functions such as proofreading texts, reviewing and correcting errors, and providing compliance risk alerts, allowing creators to focus more on content creation
AI Image Layout: AI generates images based on keywords, with one click layout and rich text and images
Multi platform content distribution: support distribution to today’s headlines and WeChat official account, and monitor data
Target audience for Spark content operation masters
Self media practitioners: Automatically generate article outlines and initial drafts, and can be distributed through multiple channels, helping self media practitioners save time and effort
News media reporters: keep up with hot topics, help media reporters quickly find suitable materials, and improve reporting efficiency
Copywriting planners: provide rich sources of creative inspiration and targeted optimization suggestions for copywriting planning
Text enthusiasts: Helping text enthusiasts improve writing skills, find new writing directions and themes, and enrich writing materials
How to use Starfire Content Operations Master
Visit the official website of Spark Content Operations Master (turbodesk. xyfun. cn) and click to download the Windows/macOS version client
After downloading and installing the software, open the software interface, use your phone number or WeChat to scan the code to register and log in, fill in the information, and obtain the qualification to use it
Enter the software interface and click to select a topic for content selection, and click to write content for AI drafting
After creating the text content, you can also click on AI illustrations, AI review, and AI typesetting to enrich and organize the article
Finally, preview the effect and distribute it to the bound media platform
Frequently asked questions
Is Starfire content operation master free?
The content operation master of Starfire is currently fully open to users for free and has not yet launched a paid version.
What systems do Starfire Content Operations Masters support?
Starfire Content Operations Master supports Windows and macOS clients.
What big model is the content operation master of Spark based on?
The Master of Spark Content Operations is based on the “Spark Cognitive Model” independently developed by iFlytek.

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