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Magic Writing is an AI writing assistant developed by an artificial intelligence company after the popular AI dubbing software 'Magic Voice Workshop' on the internet.


Magic Writing is an AI writing assistant developed by an artificial intelligence company after the popular AI dubbing software “Magic Voice Workshop” on the internet. It easily helps you choose words and sentences, polish your writing style, rewrite your writing style, extract copy, proofread copy, save notes, search for words, and has many AI creation functions such as multilingual translation. Through this AI writing platform, you can greatly liberate manpower, stimulate creative inspiration, and take your literary talent to the next level.
The main functions of magical writing
One click intelligent generation of high-quality content, input article title, select tone style, and generate professional copy content in just a few simple steps
Capable of handling various creative scenarios, able to assist users in various types of articles such as news reporting, technological articles, business analysis, academic papers, etc
Rewriting and polishing intelligent assisted creation, supporting text selection for intelligent polishing, rewriting, proofreading, and replacement, allowing you to choose words and sentences more accurately
Quick extraction of audio and video copy, supporting the conversion of audio and video files or online short videos into text content with high accuracy
Built in rich AI writing templates, including marketing copy, short video scripts, new media operations, e-commerce product descriptions, etc
The product price of Magic Writing
Magic Writing offers a free basic version and a paid professional version, with the following prices for paid members:
Monthly membership of 47.6 yuan per month (original price of 68 yuan, 20% off)
Half year membership fee of 244.8 yuan (original price of 408 yuan, 60% off)
Annual membership 326.4 (original price 816 yuan, 40% off)
The Usage of Magic Writing
Visit the official website of Magic Writing (x.moyin. com), click on “Experience Now” or log in/register with the avatar in the upper right corner
After successful login, it will automatically redirect to the workbench interface. Click on “New Document” or select an AI template
Fill in the input box of the corresponding template with the content you want, and then click on Start Generation to start AI writing
You can also call up Magic AI in the document editing area to perform operations such as continuation, rewriting, and so on
Frequently asked questions
Does Magic Writing offer a free trial?
Magic Writing provides a free experience version, which has basic writing assistance capabilities and some functions such as AI writing, intelligent polishing, real-time error correction, sentence rhetoric, and text translation under word limit. It can meet the needs of lightweight writing.
What big model is magic writing based on?
Magic writing is based on the large-scale language model “Sequence Monkey” developed by oneself after going out to ask.
What platforms are supported by Magic Writing?
Magic writing supports use through web browsers and WeChat mini program platforms.

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