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Shenyan Dayi is a free intelligent writing assistance tool for word and sentence queries, developed by Shenyan Technology


What is the meaning of deep language expression?
Shenyan Dayi is a free intelligent writing assistance tool for word and sentence queries, developed by Shenyan Technology, an artificial intelligence startup incubated by Tsinghua University’s Natural Language Processing Laboratory and Zhiyuan Research Institute. This tool integrates and upgrades the previously launched WantWords reverse dictionary and WantQuotes semantic search tool, supporting multiple functions such as semantic search for words, sentences, and corpus. Based on powerful natural language understanding and machine learning algorithm capabilities, with just inputting fuzzy descriptions, one can quickly find suitable and appropriate words and sentences with deep language expression, helping creators to have a flowing stream of ideas and brilliant writing skills.
The main function of expressing meaning through deep language
Word search based on meaning: Input the intended meaning and quickly find the appropriate words to use
Vocabulary search: One click search for word definitions, synonyms, antonyms, associative words, etc
According to the meaning of the sentence: Enter the meaning and description you want to express, and find the relevant famous sentence
Character search sentence: Enter any character to view good sentences containing that character
Find author: Enter the author’s name to find the author’s creation
Search for works: Enter the name of the work and find good sentences in the work
The categories of language materials for expressing deep thoughts and ideas
Searching for words supports searching for words, idioms, idioms, and can be filtered based on part of speech such as nouns, verbs, adjectives, adverbs, etc
Sentence search supports querying categories such as modern, ancient poetry, idioms, and couplets:
Modern literature: quotes, novels and essays, modern poetry, internet, film and television dramas, variety shows, anime, lyrics
Ancient Poetry and Prose: Poetry, Ci, Qu, Classical Chinese
Idioms: proverbs, idioms, and allegorical sayings
Frequently asked questions
Is it free to express oneself deeply?
Shenyan Dayi is free and open for use, and users can use its features without logging in, registering, or paying.
Does Shen Yanda support English?
Shenyan Dayi provides bilingual search, supporting arbitrary input of Chinese or English.
Is there an app for deep language expression?
Shenyan Dayi has not yet launched an APP application and can only be used through its official website

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