AI Image ToolsAI Erasing image backgroundCommon AI Image Tools is one of the earliest and most popular AI image background removal tools.

Tags: is one of the earliest and most popular AI image background removal tools. Whether it’s portraits, products, animals, cars, graphics, or logos, simply upload the image and the background can be automatically removed within seconds. Remove. bg also supports the magic brush function, which can help users accurately remove or restore objects in the image with just a click of the mouse.
The functional features of
Easy to operate, quickly remove image background. Users only need to upload the image, tap it lightly, and remove. bg will automatically remove the background of the image and extract the main body of the image
Comprehensive ecological and platform integration. not only provides an online web version, but also offers versions such as Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, command-line interface, PS plugin, Figma plugin, Sketch plugin, GIMP plugin, etc
Meet the needs of people from all walks of life. Whether it’s individual users, photographers, marketers, developers, e-commerce platforms, media, or businesses, can handle background removal from multiple images in a short amount of time
Product pricing for
Free version: provides free removal of the background of one image, but can preview low resolution after unlimited free removal
If charged by time subscription: 59 yuan per month, with 40 cutouts per month; 259 yuan per month, 200 cutouts per month; 599 yuan per month, 500 cutouts per month; 1290 yuan per month, with 1200 cutouts per month. If paid annually, there is a 10% discount on the above prices
If charged by number of sheets: 10 cutouts, 59 yuan; 75 cutouts, 329 yuan; 200 cutouts, 669 yuan; 500 cutouts, 1350 yuan
Frequently asked questions
Does provide a free trial? provides free removal of the background of one image and high-definition export. Although it can continue to be removed for free after trial, it can only be viewed at low resolution.
What images are supported by allows users to upload any JPG or PNG image up to a maximum of 12 MB, which must have objects that can clearly serve as foreground objects, such as humans, animals, products, or cars.
What is the working principle of is built on Python, Ruby, and deep learning, using various advanced custom algorithms to process images.

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