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6pen Art is an AI driven technology that utilizes text to generate AI image generation tools for painting works. Users can obtain and generate imaginative and stunning...


6pen Art is an AI driven technology that utilizes text to generate AI image generation tools for painting works. Users can obtain and generate imaginative and stunning works and images (up to 4K resolution) by describing the content and style of the screen through text. Users can access and use 6pen Art through online websites, iOS or Android applications.
The main functions of 6pen Art
Generate images with different styles. 6pen Art supports users to generate art painting images of different styles through pure text input or reference images, such as portraits, CG rendering, cyberpunk, anime, portraits, simple strokes, and any other style and theme.
Easy to use. The AI technology of 6pen Art, which can be easily used by anyone, quickly transforms your brilliant ideas into visible images, and gains display, likes, and more potential benefits in the 6pen community
Provide multiple models. DiscoDiffusion, StableDiffusion, and 6pen self-developed small models will also support more models in the future, providing users with rich generation options
Supports Chinese. Supports Chinese prompts and descriptions, making it easier to get started, and of course, there is no problem with English
Copyright is not reserved. 6pen does not retain copyright. Works created by your users, unless otherwise specified, belong to the creator or CC0 protocol. For personal use, commercial use, use as a avatar, and use it freely.
How to use 6pen Art to generate AI images
After logging in/registering for 6pen Art, it will automatically enter the toolbox. Click on the circle+button at the bottom of the page to enter the task creation page. Fill in:
Screen Description
Screen type
Style embellishments/artists
Model selection
Channel selection
If you choose the watermelon model, you can also configure options for resolution and reference images.
Based on the above choices, 6pen Art will automatically calculate the number of points consumed. Click the “Generate” button to create an AI image generation task.
Product price of 6pen Art
While fully meeting the user’s usage needs, 6pen Art provides two clear and transparent pricing plans to better serve AI artists, namely the “free channel” and “Pro channel”.
For the free channel, users can use the watermelon model (regardless of size) for free 5 times a day. There is no limit to the number of times the pumpkin model and the Stable Diffusion model can be used. The large watermelon model is too time-consuming and limits the size of the generated images, while the small watermelon model is not affected.
For the Pro payment channel, users have a shorter waiting time, and each time an image is generated, it will consume corresponding points (5 yuan 20 points, 30 yuan 200 points, 100 yuan 800 points, 500 yuan 5000 points). Images of different models and resolutions will consume different points,
Pumpkin model: 2 points
Watermelon model: 8 points
Watermelon model (large model version): 12 points
Watermelon model (portrait optimized version): 6 points
Stable Diffusion model: 2 points
Frequently asked questions
Which company developed 6pen Art?
6pen Art is an online AI image generation tool launched by Beijing Woolen Ball Technology Co., Ltd. (the team behind Bread Duo) in April 2022. It has generated hundreds of millions of beautiful images for over 1 million users.
Is 6pen Art free?
The free channel of 6pen Art allows users to generate a limited number of AI images per day, with a waiting time between 20 seconds and 12 minutes. By becoming a certified creator and inviting other users, users can receive additional points for free.
What is the copyright ownership of the images generated by 6pen Art?
The pumpkin and watermelon models used by 6pen Art are open-source using the MIT protocol, and deep customization has been carried out on this basis. The copyright of the generated images is fully authorized to the creators themselves, which means that the copyright of the images generated by you belongs to you unless unexpected circumstances arise.

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