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Quick Editing is a software launched by 360 that supports online video editing and has powerful cloud editing capabilities.


Quick Editing is a software launched by 360 that supports online video editing and has powerful cloud editing capabilities. Its intelligent toolbox provides multiple AI tools to help creators edit videos more efficiently and quickly, meeting the needs of users in different industries. Suitable for e-commerce marketing, content marketing, short video creation and other scenarios, providing end-to-end one-stop video creation services for small and medium-sized institutions or individuals with video editing needs.
The AI function of fast editing
Text editing videos, input text descriptions, and combine them with video templates to quickly get started with editing operations with just one click
AI digital human, fast editing provides over 20 virtual digital humans with different styles and appearances. Simply input the text and choose one of the 20+AI voice overs you like to intelligently generate oral videos
Intelligent subtitle removal, uploading video materials, and quick editing can help users automatically remove subtitles from videos, preserve the main image in the materials, and facilitate your secondary creation
Intelligent watermark removal, adding video materials, framing watermark areas, quick editing to quickly erase annoying video watermarks
Intelligent image cutout, no need for a green screen, choose to set the background for image cutout, and quickly edit to remove the background of video portraits
Video conversion, fast editing also supports intelligent conversion and extraction of videos into text or audio
Product prices for fast editing
Quick Editing offers free and membership versions with different benefits to meet the editing needs of different creators.
Free version, available for free trial of intelligent subtitles, AI copywriting, AI reading, AI digital humans, and other AI features
Standard version, priced at 29.9 yuan/month, offers more AI features, longer intelligent editing time, higher definition image quality, suitable for individual creators to edit with light weight,
Professional version, priced at 199 yuan/month, provides more comprehensive features on the benefits of the standard version, suitable for personal and small and medium-sized team use, as well as enterprise commercial licensing.

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