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Wancai Weiying is a comprehensive collection of AI intelligent short video production software.


Wancai Weiying is a comprehensive collection of AI intelligent short video production software. Through its intelligent AI technology, enterprises, We Media and individuals can efficiently, quickly and intelligently produce eye-catching short video works. The works it produces can be widely used in publicity, micro classes, animation short films and other fields, and is suitable for spreading powder absorption on platforms such as Tiktok Kwai. This AI video tool can help you easily create self media hand drawn/text/graphic/photo short videos, allowing you to quickly create animated short videos without any foundation.
What can Wancai Weiying do?
Support the creation of multiple video types, Tiktok and Kwai short videos, enterprise marketing videos, encyclopedia videos, product promotion videos, text flash videos, etc., which are magic tools for enterprise and we media marketing
Easy to operate, the minimalist intelligent operation of Wancai Microfilm can help users quickly produce videos and improve video production efficiency
A collection of commonly used short video production one click conversion software, providing four tools including graphic and text video tools, text video tools, hand drawn video tools, and album video tools
Image and text video tools can help users convert articles into short videos or import PPT conversion using AI intelligent one click technology
Text and video tools provide text mode, subtitle mode, MV mode, and video with subtitles mode to help users quickly create text animation videos. They support pure text input and import audio/video and recording recognition.
Hand drawn video tool, using vivid and creative gesture animations combined with whiteboard to create creative animated short videos
Album Video Tool is a free photo and video production feature that transforms photos into exciting videos in just a few steps, making it easy to create exquisite albums with various themes (such as wedding videos, graduation videos, corporate promotion, travel albums, etc.)
What are the functional features of Wancai Weiying?
60+2D/3D animated character roles with vivid narration
One click text to speech conversion, input text to convert/synthesize speech
Support mainstream video formats for output, such as MP4, MOV, AVI, WMV, FLV, MKV, etc
Easily share on major social/video media platforms such as Bilibili, Tencent Video, Weibo, Youku, iQiyi, etc
The product price of Wancai Weiying
Wancai Weiying offers four different benefits, including free, standard, premium, and professional versions
Free version – No payment required, supports outputting 576P standard definition videos with watermarks
Standard version – permanent use for 399 yuan, providing a variety of animation and sound resources, as well as other functional modules. Output videos without watermarks
Advanced version – permanent use for 499 yuan, providing more resources on top of the standard version, and offering a 3-month bonus to the Colorful Special Effects Master
Professional version – permanent use for 599 yuan, providing the richest resources and features on top of the premium version
Frequently asked questions
Q: What computer systems does Wancai Weiying support?
A: Wancai Weiying currently needs to be used on Windows computers and supports systems such as Windows 11/10/8/7/Vista.
Q: Can the materials in Wancai Weiying be commercialized?
A: The materials labeled with the word “business” in the software (such as templates, images, scenes, characters, etc.) are all commercially available and have no copyright issues; Materials without the word “Shang” cannot be used for commercial purposes, only for learning purposes.
Q: Can Wancai Weiying account be logged in and used simultaneously?
A: Simultaneous login is not supported.

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