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Tongyi Lingcode is a free AI programming tool launched by Alibaba, based on the Tongyi big model.


Tongyi Lingcode is a free AI programming tool launched by Alibaba, based on the Tongyi big model. As a replacement product of GitHub Copilot in China, it provides real-time line/function level continuation, natural language code generation, unit test generation, code annotation generation, code interpretation, R&D intelligent Q&A, exception troubleshooting, and other capabilities. It is also optimized for the use scenarios of Alibaba Cloud SDK/API, bringing developers an efficient and smooth coding experience.
The main functions of Tongyi Spirit Code
Real time continuation at the line/function level: During the encoding process, suggestions are automatically predicted and generated for you based on the context and current syntax. You only need to click the Tab key to accept them.
Natural language generated code: In the editor, describe the function you want through natural language. Based on your description and context, support the direct generation of code and related comments in the editor area, and the coding flow is uninterrupted.
Code optimization generation: helps you identify problems in your code and provides code optimization suggestions
Unit test generation: supports generating unit tests and interpreting unit test related code based on frameworks such as JUnit, Mockito, Spring Test, unit test, pytest, etc.
Code comment generation: One click generation of method comments and inter line comments saves you time writing code comments, effectively improving code readability and comment coverage.
Code Explanation: Supports recognition of over 30 languages. After selecting the code, it can automatically recognize the programming language and generate code explanations. Crossing language boundaries allows you to quickly understand code logic and functional design.
Research and development intelligent Q&A: Based on massive research and development documents, product documents, general research and development knowledge, Alibaba Cloud’s cloud service documents, and SDK/OpenAPI documents, we provide Q&A training to answer your questions and help you easily solve research and development problems.
How to use Tongyi Spirit Code
1、 For Visual Studio Code
With Visual Studio Code installed, click on the extension on the side navigation
Search for TONGYI Lingma, find the TONGYI Lingma, and click install
Restart Visual Studio Code. After successful restart, log in to your Alibaba Cloud account and start your journey of intelligent coding immediately
2、 For JetBrains IDEs
Taking IntelliJ IDEA as an example, if IntelliJ IDEA is already installed, click on Settings
Click on the navigation plugin, open the application market, search for TONGYI Lingma, find TONGYI Lingma, and then click on install
Restart IntelliJ IDEA, log in to your Alibaba Cloud account after successful restart, and start your journey of intelligent coding immediately.
Frequently asked questions
Is Tongyi Spirit Code free?
The Tongyi Spirit Code is currently in the public beta stage and is open for free use.
What languages are supported by Tongyi Lingcode?
Tongyi Lingcode fully covers mainstream programming languages and performs better in Java, Python, Go, JavaScript, TypeScript, and C/C++coding scenarios.
What IDEs does Tongyi Lingcode support?
Tongyi Lingcode supports and is compatible with JetBrains IDEs 2020.3 and above, including IntelliJ IDEA, PyCharm, GoLand, WebStorm and other JetBrains IDEs. It also supports and is compatible with Visual Studio Code 1.75.1 and above.
What operating system versions are supported by Tongyi Lingcode?
JetBrains IDEs are compatible with operating systems such as Windows 7 and above, macOS, and Linux. Visual Studio Code compatible operating systems: Windows 8.1 and above, macOS, Linux.
What account should I use to log in and experience the Tongyi Spirit Code?
You need to log in with an Alibaba Cloud account to experience the Tongyi Lingcode. Click the login button in the Tongyi Lingcode assistant window of the IDE client to complete the Alibaba Cloud login.
Can RAM users experience Tongyi Lingcode?
RAM users can also use the Tongyi Smart Code by clicking on login in the IDE client to switch to the RAM user login page. After completing the login, they can experience the Tongyi Smart Code.
What big model is the Tongyi Spirit Code based on?
Tongyi Lingcode is based on Alibaba’s self-developed big model, the Tongyi Big Model.

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