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Goku was originally a comprehensive search engine 'Goku Search' launched by ByteDance.


Goku was originally a comprehensive search engine “Goku Search” launched by ByteDance. Now it has changed its name and transformed into an AI dialogue assistant and personal assistant. By talking to Goku, it can be seen that its kernel is the same as ByteDance’s previously launched Doubao AI chatbot, but compared to Doubao, it provides more out of the box preset tools, supports intelligent dialogue and various content creation functions.
Goku’s product features
From the display on its official website, it can be seen that in addition to providing free AI conversations, Goku also offers dozens of intelligent tools in more than 10 categories, including creative assistants, creative generation, practical writing, learning assistants, language translation, workplace assistants, efficient office work, advertising and marketing, life assistants, AI experts, children’s growth, virtual characters, fun tests, book and movie recommendations, to meet the work, life, and entertainment needs of users.
Goku’s Support Platform
At present, Goku supports direct access to the web and can also download mobile programs from the App Store and major Android app stores for use.
Web version address:
Apple App Store: Goku – Your Exclusive AI Tool Library/id1607244485
Android (Tencent App Store):
How to use the Goku web version
Visit Goku’s official website and click on the login now button in the bottom left corner
Log in or register with your mobile phone number/Tiktok number, and you can start using it after successful login
You can click on the built-in tools to perform specific tasks, or directly have a conversation with Goku

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