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Fabric is a whiteboard collaboration platform designed for global design teams.


Fabric is a whiteboard collaboration platform designed for global design teams. The product has launched the AI design assistant Fabric AI, which can help designers easily obtain inspiration, quickly render, and iterate design solutions on the whiteboard. Simply select the preset scene template, add colors, materials, and background details to generate a good design rendering.
Product features of Fabric AI
Supports 3 rendering modes, allowing users to choose from various modes such as line draft, white draft, and renderings as needed for rendering
Supports 5 rendering styles, including photo realism, 3D cartoon rendering, realistic portraits, anime style, and architectural realism
Provide a massive style model library, including nearly 30 styles of models such as blind box dolls, Murphy appliances, future mechs, steampunk, lifestyle products, line sketches, frosted glass styles, etc
Suitable for design applications in various industries, including interior design, graphic design, fashion design, film and television art, gaming CG, architectural landscape, and more
How to use Fabric AI
Visit the official website of Fabric AI and click on the login/registration button in the upper right corner
After successful login, you will enter the whiteboard editing interface and click on the AI icon at the top of the left sidebar
Scan the QR code on WeChat to fill out the survey questionnaire, and in a few minutes, you will be eligible for the free inner side
Then refresh the current page, click on the AI icon, and select the rendering mode
Select the basic style, upload reference images, enter prompt words, and adjust other parameters
Finally, click the start generation button to proceed
Product prices for Fabric AI
Fabric AI is currently undergoing free internal testing, and users only need to scan the QR code of the WeChat assistant to fill out a questionnaire to qualify for free internal testing. There are 300 free internal testing quotas generated daily.

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