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Xiutu AI is a post photography AI retouching software developed by Hainan Xingtu Suyun Technology for cinemas.


Xiutu AI is a post photography AI retouching software developed by Hainan Xingtu Suyun Technology for cinemas. With the help of AI facial recognition and advanced image algorithms, it simplifies the tedious operations in the retouching process and assists cinematographers in quickly and efficiently processing and batch refining images. Users only need to import the image folder to complete functions such as file transfer, skin beautification, and liquefaction with just one click, making it easy to complete the initial editing of images. Compared to manual editing, the efficiency of image editing has been improved by dozens of times, and the fastest selection can be achieved on the same day.
The main functions of Xiutu AI
Fine tuning and reshaping of facial features: AI simulation of the skills of senior retouching artists, while preserving natural texture for skin beauty treatment. Fine adjustments can also be made to the eyes and nose to make the facial features look more delicate and three-dimensional.
Optimize facial and body proportions: The system intelligently and naturally determines the gender and age of the character, and personalized precise liquefaction processing of the face and body to optimize facial contours and body proportions.
Built in multiple popular filters: The software provides a series of popular style filters to cater to current photography trends. It also supports user-defined templates, allowing users to create their own filter effects based on personal preferences and diverse color matching needs.
One click intelligent transfer function: supports importing RAW files and JPG images without manual operation. Transfer and color adjustment will be automated, making the user’s workflow more efficient and convenient.
Multi person collaborative sharing of drawings: supports package sharing, helping the cinema form a unified standard for photo editing. In addition, it is easy to view the drawing status of members, helping the cinema to carry out digital management and ensuring the coordination and efficiency of workflow.
Product prices of Xiutu AI
Xiutu AI provides a quota of 50 free test pieces for new users, and the paid version is charged based on the number of repaired images. The paid package is as follows:
Standard version: Cloud editing for 2980 yuan/42000 sheets, 8800 yuan/132000 sheets, 19800 yuan/42000 sheets
Professional version A: Cloud editing for 298 yuan/1500 sheets, 9900 yuan/45600 sheets, 16800 yuan/112800 sheets
Professional version B: Xiutu Butler 9900 yuan/39600 sheets, 16800 yuan/117000 sheets, 30000 yuan/252000 sheets
Platinum version: Xiutu Butler 9900 yuan/27600 sheets, 16800 yuan/69600 sheets, 30000 yuan/168000 sheets
How to use Xiutu AI
Visit the official website of Xiutu AI (www.aixtsy. com), click on “Free Download”, and choose to download the corresponding operating system version
After downloading and installing, open the software interface, drag or click to select the image folder
Then click the image editing button to select batch image editing presets. If multiple folders are imported, click the batch image editing button to select presets
You can choose to customize the adjustment parameters. After setting them, click to start the image repair. After the repair is completed, the finished image will be automatically exported to the original folder directory
Frequently asked questions
Does Xiutu AI provide free photo editing?
Xiutu AI provides a quota of 50 free test pieces for new users.
What operating systems does Xiutu AI support?
Xiutu AI supports both macOS and Windows desktop running.
What formats of images does Xiutu AI support?
Xiutu AI supports importing multiple image formats, including JPG/JPEG/PNG/CR2/NEF/ARW/CR3/RAF and other formats.

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