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AiPPT: AI-Powered Online PPT Generation Tool

AiPPT is an AI-driven online tool for generating PowerPoint presentations effortlessly. With a simple input of the topic, AI can instantly create high-quality PPTs. It supports online customization and document import, offering over 10,000 custom PPT templates and resources, facilitating the rapid production of professional-grade presentations.

Key Features of AiPPT:

  1. AI One-Click Intelligent Generation: Utilizing artificial intelligence and natural language processing, AiPPT can intelligently analyze user-inputted topics and rapidly generate PPT content that meets the requirements.
  2. Document Upload and Generation: Support for uploading multiple file formats (doc, docx, xmind, mm), enabling a single-click upload. AiPPT intelligently handles layout, color schemes, and quickly generates PPTs.
  3. Online Free Editor: Supports one-click overall template and color scheme changes. With thousands of custom PPT templates and over 100,000 resources built-in, modifications can be made quickly through drag-and-drop.
  4. Cloud Storage, Cross-Device Sync: PPTs created in the cloud are saved online, eliminating the need for downloads. Access the website anytime, anywhere for creation and presentation, overcoming cross-device obstacles.
  5. Compatible with .pptx Format, Source File Export: Supports export to JPG, PNG, PDF, and PPT file formats. No format issues with importing and exporting PPT source files.

How to Use AiPPT:

  1. Visit AiPPT’s official website and click the “Start Intelligent Generation” button.
  2. Log in/register using WeChat or mobile phone number. After successful login, you will be automatically redirected to the backend.
  3. Choose “Intelligent Generation of PPT” under Quick Creation.
  4. Select AI Intelligent Generation and input the desired PPT topic.
  5. After the outline is generated, choose your preferred template, and the corresponding PPT will be automatically generated.

AiPPT Pricing:

  • New users have 3 free generation opportunities every day, accumulating up to 9 times. You can also invite friends to register and receive 1 day of membership for each successful invitation.
  • VIP membership provides unlimited intelligent PPT generation and downloads. Prices are as follows:
    • Monthly: ¥49
    • 1 Year: ¥99
    • 2 Years: ¥169
    • Lifetime: ¥399

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