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Yiframes Media Creation Platform: AI-Driven Content Creation

Yiframes is an intelligent AI content creation platform based on the Yiframes AIGC engine, providing services for over 2 million creators. It includes features such as text continuation, text-to-speech, text-image generation, image-text-to-video, AI video production, digital human narration, and more. The product lineup encompasses Yiframes Digital Human, Yiframes AI Writing Assistant, Yiframes Image-Text-to-Video, Yiframes AI Video, Yiframes AI Speech, and Yiframes AI Drawing.

What Yiframes Can Do:

  1. Yiframes Digital Human:
    • Intelligent digital human narration platform.
    • Input text, generate “real-person” marketing videos with a single click.
    • Utilizes AI technology to create lifelike digital representations with 1:1 fidelity in appearance, movement, expression, and voice.
    • Enables customization of both appearance and voice for a unique digital persona.
    • Facilitates rapid enterprise and personal IP development, boosting marketing efforts.
  2. Yiframes Image-Text-to-Video:
    • Leading domestic intelligent content creation platform.
    • Input text, AI matches content semantically, automatically generating videos from text.
    • Achieves fully automated article-to-video and image-text-to-video production.
    • Features intelligent scene matching, voiceover, subtitles, and more.
    • Supports flexible adjustments in details, including text, music, voiceover, basic editing, logos, subtitles, and playback speed.
    • Offers a vast array of online resources for seamless replacement, creating videos with a single click.
  3. Yiframes AI Writing Assistant:
    • Intelligent text composition platform.
    • Input inspiration, let your thoughts flow, and the AI transforms them into written content.
    • Provides AI writing templates for short videos, marketing, live broadcasts, and stylistic content.
    • Directly outputs live broadcast scripts, significantly improving operational efficiency.
    • Yiframes AI Writing Assistant excels in short video content and marketing copy.
  4. Yiframes AI Drawing:
    • Intelligent drawing generation platform.
    • Input your idea, and let your imagination flow.
    • Describe the scene you want AI to draw using keywords.
    • Choose modifiers, art styles, and artist styles with a single click for the AI to generate exquisite paintings.
  5. Yiframes Text-to-Speech:
    • Unique AI-powered voiceover technology.
    • Input text, and the AI automatically completes the voiceover.
    • Offers a wide selection of popular voice actors, with 56 AI voice options available.
    • Seamless switching between Chinese and English voices, delivering content that sounds human-like.

Yiframes, powered by the robust AIGC creation platform, identifies text semantics, automatically matches scenes, and realizes “automated video editing.” With a single click, it effortlessly produces “high-quality original videos,” allowing creators to craft up to 100 videos a day.

Product Pricing: Currently, Yiframes is free to use, with additional benefits for members. For users with higher demands, premium plans are available at an exclusive AI Toolset channel discount of ¥18.8 (valid within 7 days of registration) until December 31, 2023.

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