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Tencent Music launches an intelligent music creation assistant


TME Studio: AI Music Generation Tool by Tencent Music Entertainment

TME Studio is an AI music generation tool launched by Tencent Music Entertainment, developed collaboratively by its subsidiaries Galaxy Audio, MUSE, Tianqin Lab, and Tencent AI Lab. It aims to simplify music creation and empower music enthusiasts. The intelligent music assistant currently provides the following AI features:

  1. Music Separation:
    • Utilizing deep learning technology, users can upload any song to separate and extract vocals and instruments such as drums, bass, guitar, piano, etc.
  2. MIR Calculation (Music Information Retrieval):
    • Using artificial intelligence and signal processing, TME Studio comprehensively understands and analyzes music content. It extracts information such as sample rate, bit depth, BPM, rhythm, beats, tonality, chord progressions, drum recognition, chorus identification, etc. By exploring more high-level information through deeper recognition and analysis, it creates more intelligent music tools that better understand the user’s music preferences.
  3. Lyric Writing Assistance:
    • Introduced by Tencent Music’s Tianqin Lab, this lyric-writing tool analyzes lyrics from TME’s entire song library, as well as various linguistic materials like prose and poetry. Based on intelligent recommendation algorithms, it helps users find suitable rhyming words, opening up creative inspiration.
  4. Intelligent Sheet Music:
    • Using deep learning neural network algorithms, TME Studio generates intelligent guitar sheet music for a vast array of songs. Users can simply upload a piece of music, and the tool will create sheet music for playing the desired song on the guitar.

TME Studio is designed to enhance the music creation process, offering a range of AI functionalities to make music production more accessible and enjoyable for users.

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