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Dubbing. tech is a powerful, free and professional real-time voice changing software. It is the first AI based deep learning sound engine in China, and supports full s...


What is Big Pancake AI Sound Transformation
Dubbing. tech is a powerful, free and professional real-time voice changing software. It is the first AI based deep learning sound engine in China, and supports full scene integration, compatibility, and support for various games and voice clients. The AI voice changing software offers a wide variety of tones, with hundreds of different tones to choose from, and offers free voice changing tones in each issue. In addition to real-time voice changes, the SaaS version of the Big Cake Sound Engine also provides functions such as text to speech, sound cloning, sound customization, and sound conversion, fully meeting the needs of diverse sounds.
The main functions of Big Pancake AI voice changing
Over a hundred high-quality voice colors to choose from: Big Pancake AI provides a rich variety of voice colors, whether it’s Luoli or Qingshu, you can change your voice skin anytime and anywhere
Support massive applications and games: support popular platforms such as Kwai, Douyu, Tiger Teeth, Steam, Discard, CS GO, Daota, Jedi Survival, WeChat, Zoom, and in game voice change
Personalized Sound Customization: Provide audio sample materials and specific requirements, and the Big Pancake Sound Engine delivers personalized cloned sounds exclusively for you within 10 working days
Text to speech: Input text to synthesize a full and natural voice with just one click, with an effect similar to human voice and support for both Chinese and English pronunciation (this function needs to be used in the SaaS version of the pancake sound engine)
Application scenarios of Big Pancake AI voice changing
Game blackout: multiplayer game blackout to activate, with full program effects
Social live streaming: Say goodbye to social anxiety and no longer worry about the awkwardness of speaking out loud
Metaverse/Virtual Human: Creating any sound that fits the persona for virtual/digital humans
Advertising Marketing: Free selection of advertising tones that match the preferences of the target audience to achieve better advertising results
Film and television animation: flexibly adjust the voice, lines, and emotions of characters, and use sound to make the film and television characters fuller
How to use Big Pancake AI to change sound
Visit the official website (dubbing. tech) of Da Bing AI’s voice changing app, click to download the software and install it
After installation, open the software and log in/register to enter the software prompt steps
Connect and select the headphones/microphone you want to use. Once the virtual microphone is created, it can be used
Select the variable voice color you want to use in the sound library
If you want to change the sound in different applications, you can select Dubbing Virtual Device as the input device in the audio settings of that application
The price of Da Bing AI voice changing products
The product model of Da Bing AI voice change is very interesting. Unlike other sound tools that unlock sounds for a paid duration or more, Da Bing AI voice change uses free tones provided for each episode. After the countdown ends, a new batch of tones will be replaced for the rear wheel. If you want to permanently unlock and retain a certain tone, you need to pay. The price for permanently unlocking different tones varies, basically ranging from 1900 to 5900 cat cakes (exchange ratio of 1 yuan equals 100 cat cakes), which means the price for permanently unlocking a tone is 19 to 59 yuan. Recharging cat cakes requires recharging within the software:
50 yuan is 5000 cat cakes
100 yuan is 10000 cat cakes
200 yuan is 20000 cat cakes
Customizable recharge amount, but must be a multiple of 100
Frequently asked questions
Is Da Bing AI voice changing free?
At present, the Da Bing AI voice changing client is in the free stage, and can be used by downloading, installing, and registering.
What operating systems does Da Bing AI voice change support?
Da Bing AI voice changing supports Windows and macOS desktop devices, and iOS and Android mobile devices are about to be launched.
What languages does Da Bing AI voice change support?
At present, Da Bing AI supports over 40 languages such as Chinese, English, and Japanese, as well as various dialects such as Shanghai dialect and Cantonese.
Can Da Bing AI voice changing be used for commercial purposes?
Sure, the Big Pancake AI voice transformation collects publicly available sound data and uses self-developed algorithms to establish a timbre model.

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