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Raccoon Raccoon Code is the latest intelligent AI programming assistant and tool launched by Shangtang Technology.


Raccoon Raccoon Code is the latest intelligent AI programming assistant and tool launched by Shangtang Technology. Driven by Shangtang’s self-developed large model, it supports multiple programming languages and multi task capabilities, providing developers with a brand new programming experience. Raccoon Raccoon provides rich intelligent code generation and auxiliary functions, which can be applied in various development processes from software requirement analysis, architecture planning, code generation to software testing, meeting the diverse needs of programmers for code writing, data analysis, and programming learning.
The main functions of Raccoon Raccoon Code
Code generation and completion: Generate code based on comments or provide intelligent code completion suggestions based on context
Code translation: supports code translation between different programming languages, such as Python to JavaScript
Code refactoring: improving code readability and maintainability, optimizing code structure, and improving operational efficiency
Code correction: Quickly identify various code errors and intelligently correct problematic codes
Code Q&A: Built in code assistant for continuous dialogue and answering questions encountered during programming
Test case generation: Automatically generate test cases to ensure that the code is tested more comprehensively
Language and IDE supported by Raccoon Raccoon Raccoon
Supports over 30 mainstream programming languages including Python, C #, C/C++, Java, Go, JavaScript, SQL, etc
Compatible with Visual Studio Code, Android Studio, and a series of IDEs under JetBrains, Eclipse, Xcode, and others will be open for support in the future
How to use Code Raccoon Raccoon
Visit the official website of Raccoon Raccoon (code. sensetime. com) and click on the Experience Now button
Choose to download the corresponding IDE plugin. Taking VS Code as an example, you can enter the Visual Studio Marketplace page and click Install to call up the VS Code on the desktop, or directly search for Raccoon in the software extension to install it
After successful installation, click on the small raccoon icon on the left to log in and register your account. Once successfully logged in, you can start using it
Use Alt+/in the code editor to obtain code completion, or call up the code assistant for dialogue in the sidebar or terminal panel
Frequently asked questions
What does the word Raccoon Raccoon mean?
The original meaning of Raccoon is Raccoon, which here refers to the abbreviation of Raccoon – Another Code CO pilOT Navigator.
Is the code Raccoon Raccoon free?
The code Raccoon Raccoon Raccoon is currently in free public beta testing, and users can use it for free.
What big model is the code Raccoon Raccoon based on?
The code Raccoon Raccoon Raccoon is based on a large language model developed by Shangtang Technology.

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